Welcome to HikeTreks!

We train in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains and travel to Europe once each year to find the most amazing hikes. We like to hike by day while glamping in mountain huts, B&Bs or hostels at night. Most hikes take two to three weeks and cover 200+ miles.   With eight major international treks and many hikes through the “Sierras” and western Montana under our belts, we can help plan, train and prep you for your next great adventure.  Many people have asked how I decide upon and plan my treks.  The following links provide insights into my planning and training processes.

Clothing, Gear and Preparation.                                                           (under construction)

Training hikes in preparation for the Ireland hike (2018).

Our hikes of the past three years are accessible through the links below.  The blogs of the previous five hikes will be available over the next several months – so check back occasionally!  As you read these blogs realize that my intention is to give you a flavor of the walk, not a turn by turn narrative.

new!  2018 – Trekking in Ireland                  (under construction)

2017 – The Traumpfad or “Dreamway” Trek  (Germany/Austria/Italy)

2016 – Alpine Pass Route (Lichtenstein/Switzerland)

2015 – Offa’s Dyke Path (Wales)

Previous hikes:                             (blogs to be developed)

2014 – Waterton NP and Glacier NP Hike (Canada/US)

2013 – Dachsteinrundwanderweg Trek (Austria)

2012 – No hike – (Son) Steve and Allyse’s wedding

2011 – Tour du Mont Blanc Trek (France/Italy/Switzerland)

2010 – Coast to Coast Path (UK – West to East)

2009 – Coast to Coast Path (UK – East to West)