Statistics: mileage 3.7 ascent 2969′ 3 hours

This day’s trek was the shortest, but without a doubt the most spectacular trail of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek!

After breakfast at the cozy Auberge La Boerne, we said good-bye to new hiking friends and began the long route up the side of the mountain. Almost immediately we were teased with the views that would only improve as the morning wore on

A marmot sat perfectly still as we passed by.

Soon Mont Blanc was in full view as we scrambled up our trail.

We had hoped to see some climbers on the Aiguillette d’Argentiere, a well- known rock tower for climbers, but there were none as we passed by.

The first ladders we encountered took us right next to the climbing rock known as Aiguillette d’Argentiere. We were a little apprehensive about these ladders after we first heard about them, but once we were climbing the ladders I think that we all found them fun!

Gaining altitude we were able to look back to the locations of yesterday’s adventures, the Col du Balme (the saddle on the right) and Aiguillette des Posettes (ridge line on the left).

Although we were continuously ascending, the views were so magnificent that we did not mind the climb. In reality, we frequently stopped to take pictures and were fairly well rested throughout the hike!

At times the path was high above steep cliffs, right on the edge of the mountain, so care was taken to pay attention.

At the Tete Aux Vents there was a huge boundary cairn and a trail junction. While taking a breather, we had to pose for a “I can’t believe we are here, this is so amazing” picture!

We felt fortunate to notice a young bouquetin (alpine ibex) relaxing on the hillside near by.

Looking up we happened to notice Refuge du Lac Blanc perched among the rocks (Can you find it?). Our climbing was not done yet!

Along the path we walked past the Lacs de Cheserys.

Now that we knew we enjoyed climbing ladders, we approached the next set with relish!

After these ladders we encountered the final stairs up toward Refuge du Lac Blanc.

We arrived at the Refuge du Lac Blanc as they were serving lunch. After we dropped off our packs, this beautiful location high on the mountain offered several great spots for additional exploration that afternoon.

The Refuge du Lac Blanc is supplied entirely by helicopters. You might think the food could be a little basic, but that was definitely not the case. We had a delicious omelette, salad and a sumptuous blueberry torte for lunch.

As we walked around the lake, we agreed that this refuge’s location was the most splendid of the entire trek!

I enjoyed a little relaxation time on the rocks next to the lake.

We weren’t the only ones enjoying this gorgeous day! Paragliders from a tram several miles away were swooping over us most of the afternoon.

To top off a most spectacular day, the alpine glow over Mont Blanc was glorious!

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  1. Hello! We are considering staying at lac blanc which would mean a very short hiking day like yours. Did you find it boring to stay up there from lunchtime to dinner or did that fly by? Can you swim in the water? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alexandra, I am sorry that I missed your question. I hope that you had a wonderful hike. We loved Lac Blanc and spent the afternoon swimming and exploring the area. It was anything but boring. We also met other hikers playing games at the restaurant and joined in on the fun.

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