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I am happiest when hiking! My hiking buddies and I train with day hikes in the mountains of Northern California and in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Every year we  tackle a 2 to 3 week trek, usually in Europe.  While I love to hike, I’m not too crazy about carrying a lot of camping gear, so we stay in mountain huts, B&Bs or small hotels, carrying much lighter packs!

Check out my detailed (but not turn-by-turn) trip writeups.  Or, if you are just here for the pics, there is no shortage of Instaworthy scenery, Swiss cows wearing bells and fun people I have met along the way!

Postlip Hall    2019 – The Cotswold Way (Southern England)

sybil point
2018 – Trekking in Ireland


2017 – The Traumpfad or “Dreamway” Trek  


2016 Alpine Pass Route


2015 Offa’s Dyke Path


2014 – Waterton National Park and Glacier National Park
(Canada and US)


Dachstein vista
2013 – Dachsteinrundwanderweg (“Dachstein circular hike”)


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mont-blanc-feature-2-1024x531.jpg    2011 – Tour du Mont Blanc (France/Italy/Switzerland)

   2010 – Coast to Coast  (England)

The following links provide insights into my planning and training processes.

Clothing, Gear and Preparation.

Sample Day Hikes

The blogs of two earlier hikes will be available over the next several months – so check back occasionally!  As you read these blogs, realize that my intention is to give you a flavor of the walk, not a turn by turn narrative. Where provided, the duration for each day’s hike includes all activities during that day’s time on the trail.

Remaining blogs to be completed:

2019 – Southern England

2009 – Coast to Coast Path (UK – East to West)