Eleven years ago I visited Ireland for the first time and vowed I would return for a more in-depth exploration of its landscape, history, people and culture.  At that time I didn’t even consider that I might enjoy that exploration on foot! We decided to walk three well-known Irish hikes: the Wicklow Way, the Kerry Way and the Dingle Way. Four of us were involved in this adventure: two to walk the entire way (Sarah Allday and me), one to occasionally walk (Frankie Parker) and my mom, June Funk, who traveled independently, meeting us at each B&B to visit and explore the area.

When planning these walks, I used three very helpful websites which listed B&Bs, maps, mileage, etc., everything necessary to arrange this Irish adventure.  The sites  were: www.wicklowway.comwww.kerryway.com and www.dingleway.com.

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The Wicklow Way– Southeastern Republic of Ireland


The Kerry Way – County Kerry, Rep. of Ireland



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The Dingle Way– County Kerry, Rep. of Ireland


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