There are so many wonderful treks to choose from that it is a difficult decision.  I always like to bounce ideas off my hiking friends and see what  we can come up with.  This year we were contemplating the GR 10 in the French Pyrenees, The Walkers’ Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt or The Traumpfad or “Dreamway” from Munich to Venice.  The latter was one I had never heard of, but learned that a route guidebook had just been published in English for the first time by John Hayes.  I ordered the book from Cicerone, Trekking Munich to Venice.  After reading it, the decision was easy.  To really help get in the mood I also did a search on YouTube and found several great videos about the trek!  The route:


I always keep a diary and take lots of pictures, which are included in the following links.  (You will notice that a link to the following day is always at the end of each day’s blog.)

(Hiking Partners: Sarah Allday and Frankie ????, from the Silver Lake Hiking Club.)

Training for the Traumpfad

Day 1 – The big day is finally here!!

Day 2 – Munich Arrival

Day 3 – Brauneck to Jachenau

Day 4 – Jachenau to Vorderiss

Day 5 – Vorderiss to Karwendelhaus

Day 6 – Karwendelhaus to Hallerangeralm

Day 7 – Hallerangeralm to Hall

Day 8 – Hall to Glungezer Hütte

Day 9 – Glungezer Hütte to Lizumer Hütte

Day 10 – Lizumer Hütte to Wattens

Day 11 – Hall to Pfunders

Day 12 – Pfunders to Kreuzwiesen Alm

Day 13 – Kreuzwiesen Alm to Maurerberghütte

Day 14 – Maurerberghütte to Schlüterhütte

Day 15 – Schlüterhütte to Rifugio Frara

Day 16 – Grodner Joch to Rifugio Viel dal Pan

Day 17 – Rigugio Viel dal Pan to Rocca Pietore

Day 18 – Rocca Pietore to Alleghe

Day 19 – A Day in Alleghe

Day 20 – Rifugio San Sebastiano at Passo Duran

Day 21 – Passo Duran to La Muda

Day 22 – Belluno to Col Visentin

Day 23 – Col Visentin to Tarzo

Day 24 – Tarzo to Susagana

Day 25 – Susagana to Venice







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