Our hostess, Clair, surprised us last night with a bottle of wine and fruit which she dropped off while we were at dinner.  It made me feel a little guilty for my negative feelings about the B&B.


In the morning a bountiful breakfast arrived.  Clair and her husband are trying to make a go of growing saffron on the nearby hillside.  She is running a B&B, has three young children and is working in the saffron field…a busy lady.

We walked all the way to Alleghe along the river. As we approached the village the view across the lake was lovely.


If we thought we were sneaking into town, we weren’t.  The town locals were checking us out!


Alleghe is quite a sporty town, a ski resort, big sports center, hikers and an Information Center.  Again, bad weather news…more snow and rain.  Where is all the Italian sunshine we were reassured of?

Our B&B, on the lake, was to be our home for the next two days.














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