There was a lot of excitement in the night.  After a lovely bluebird day yesterday, there was a big rainstorm in the night.  After about an hour of rain a flood warning siren sounded, and in the morning we could see why.  The lazy Isar had become a raging torrent!  Where we had languished the afternoon before was now under about five feet of water. 20170825_083713.jpg

After gawking  at the river we walked for seven miles on the road toward the Karwendel Alpine Natural Park.  The local spiders provided some interesting artwork to be admired.20170825_090659.jpg

Upon arriving at Hinterriss we discovered a great spot to stop for some morning chocolate cake! Now that we were fully charged to climb the mountain, we took off and somehow missed our turnoff.  Unwilling to retrace our route and find out where we had erred, the decision was made to just walk up the side of the mountain to successfully find our trail.

We did get to view a mountain rescue helicopter and crew up close as we continued.  The helicopter was first seen as it was circling the area where we were hiking.  As we rounded a corner there it was in the middle of our trail.  The paramedics were working on a mountain biker who was unconscious.


Further on we came upon a beautiful valley surrounded by the Karwendel Range.


Soon we arrived at Karwendelhaus which is a very large mountain hut.  The food was simple, but tasty and very welcome.  The next day there was to be a 52k run in the area so the place was quite busy.





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  1. This sounds like your kind of hike with cake in the morning and then a “Wharton shortcut”.

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