After a bountiful breakfast at Gästhaus Jachenau we strolled out of town enjoying the local views.20170824_164459.jpg

Shortly after leaving Jachenau there was an hour of steady climbing through a forest.  As we ended the climb we emerged into a series of lovely meadows.20170824_164030.jpg

The resident cows did not care that we were walking right through their morning napping area.  We had heard that the local buttermilk was not to be missed so we stopped into Lainer Alm for a glass which we all shared.  It was a bit twangy and probably with a little work one could acquire a taste for it.  Lainer Alm is a delightful, tiny alm run by one man who has his cows in the meadow.  After sitting on the porch and chatting with some Australians, we moved on toward our destination for the day.  One more meadow and then Rissattel where we had a birdseye view looking down to the Isar River.20170824_163344.jpg

The trail now took a steep, multiswitchback course down the mountain to Vorderiss.  The Gasthof Post, our B&B, is right at the bottom of the mountain and next to the Isar.  We settled into our lodging and then decided to wade in the river which was quite refreshing.





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