Again a chilly, windy morning and after a long descent, we were back to some long climbs which warmed us right up.  We arrived at Würzjoch which is quite a bustling little village. A large hotel, restaurant, car park and dozens of day trippers preparing for their hike.  Shortly we were on a stony path that was winding around the east flank of Peitlerköpel.

Soon the trail shot straight up a narrow gorge on it’s way to Peitlerscharte (pass) which we reached in about 45 minutes.  As we crested the pass a sharp winter-like wind hit us. There was still quite a bit of snow remaining from the storm several days ago.

Before us was a big open bowl and a view down to valleys that were unfamiliar to us. Our way was now quite easy so we enjoyed taking in the view.

In about 15 minutes we dropped down to Schlüterhütte, ordered some hot soup and settled in for the evening.  This was a very pleasant hut with two exceptions, no heat in the rooms (most often the case in huts) and the smallest shower I have ever been in (hey, at least it was a shower)!  The food, friendly staff and good fellowship more than made up for these slight imperfections, however.
















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