We were up early and out on the trail by 7:30.  The path was covered in shade and  frost; therefore, the first hill climb was welcome.  As we crested the first hill the sunlight poured over us.  Now we could shed the gloves and jacket.  The snow from the previous days storm was still in evidence. Soon we were surrounded by lush meadows dotted with cattle and a lovely array of mountains looming up in the distance.

Today we saw a rather strange site.  In the middle of the mountains on a very small pond, Glittner See, we came upon a rather large boat. We never found out where it came from or why it was there, but it certainly gave us a few chuckles.The remainder of the hike today was a fairly gentle traverse around mountains with Peitlerköpfel peaking out at us from time to time.

Maurerberghütte was a delightful surprise.  It is a new hut and absolutely immaculate.  We had to duck the vacuum several times because the hostess was cleaning after every wave of customers.  We felt quite luxurious with a shower, towels, good food, nice people and best of all a straight on view of……you guessed it, Peitlerköpel.

A real  treat was that as we were settling into dinner, a gentleman sat down and started playing fun, peppy, alpine music on his accordion. 




















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