20170829_062737Dawn at Glungezerhütte.   20170829_063538Breakfast was served at 6:30 so no rest for the weary!  Our hut master told us that today would be a long hard trek so we needed to be gone by 7AM.  The expected simple breakfast was not to be.  A beautiful breakfast was served and thoroughly enjoyed by all!

The climbing was immediate and the terrain tough!  Big, icy, slippery rocks had to be negotiated so the going was slow.  We summited six mini mountains and one pass in all.  The views were superb and vast.  Once again cables were necessary as we pitched ourselves off the edge of several drop-offs.

20170829_115136A top the Kreuzjöchl with the Inn Valley far below.20170830_153350The bottom of a precarious descent.  The red and white markers depict the trail, and if you look closely, you can see hikers descending on the cables.

Later in the day we walked by a lake, the Klammsee, and couldn’t resist jumping in.  I think that dip gave me the energy to complete the day’s walk!  Finally, Lizumer was gratefully reached at 5:15.  After dinner the hut master delivered his weather forcast and trail advice.  Bad news!!! Snow and rain predicted in two days.  He advised that we all get off of the mountain and reenter our trek on the other side of the storm.  This was very disappointing; and the remainder of the evening was spent with maps and GPSs in front of everyone.



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