Today felt like retreat, giving up.  However, this was to be our last day of good weather and we needed to get out of the high mountains and go around the predicted storm.  We took the most direct route which would take us to Wattens,  just a short way from Innsbruck and Hall.  The first half of the walk was on a gravel military road which took us to the Austrain military base at Lager Walchen.




The remainder of the walk was on the road all the way to Wattens.  As we approached Wattens we could see the huge Swarovski crystal factory.  The next hurdle was to find a bus that would take us back to Hall.  With the help of a non English speaking woman we managed to once again arrive at Hotel Goldener-Engl where they happily took us in. It was nice to spend a leisurely evening walking in Hall and enjoying a meal at Gasthof Goldener zum Löwe.  We sat in the cobblestone courtyard of the restaurant, dining, people watching and listening to the church bells ring.

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