The storm did roll in right as predicted.  We took advantage of our down time and played the tourist in Innsbruck.  The colorful buildings and architecture with the alpine backdrop were stunning.

20170831_121840We also managed to take in a museum in the old castle in Hall and Ambras Castle.  As we awoke our final morning in Hall we were quite thankful that we had listened to the hut master at Lizumer. The mountains had quite a blanket of snow upon them!

Now to figure out our train travel.  In Innsbruck we had to go to a ticket counter to purchase our fare to Vintl, Italy.  A most unpleasant woman waited on us.  Asking if we wanted the fast or slow train, I asked if there was any reason to take the slow train.  She barked at me, “I gave you your options, you have to listen!” I purchased the fast train tickets and escaped her presence. Once in Vintl, we changed trains to Niedervintl in the Puster Valley.  Finally, after a 9km bus ride, we arrived at Gasthof Brugger in Pfunders.




The family that run the B&B are very pleasant..lots of chickens, dogs and flowers.  The weather report is that the mountains between Innsbruck and Pfunders were experiencing a lot of snow. We are now hoping for plenty of sun in Italy!

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