We crossed the Inn River and looked back on the lovely town of Hall.  Almost immediately we were in the woods and climbing.


After several descents and ascents, getting turned around,  adding an extra mile or so  we arrived at Tulfes which is a ski resort.



To avoid a grueling straight up climb, we opted to take a chairlift.  We had to change lifts mid mountain from a double lift to a single chair.  It was windy and quite cold now that we had a chance to cool down.  We had to jump off the lift as we arrived at the top.  Now the real work began.  First we had to walk up to the top of a big bowl and then climb through and over large rocks for almost two hours.  The whole time the sky was getting darker and darker. 20170830_154612The hut was never insight until we arrived.  It is snuggled in a depression to avoid the wind.  This was actually the top of the downhill run for the 1964 Innsbruck Winter Olympics.  We had a most cordial greeting from our hosts.  Daria served us a complementary plum schnapps and gave us our seating assignments for our meals.  It turned bitterly cold outside and then a big hail storm began.20170828_170422

We were so thankful not to be on the mountainside in that deluge.  There are no showers for guests, but the fabulous dinner which was prepared by the Nepalese chef more than made up for that.  It was an amazing evening with excellent food, candlelight, fun people and a cozy atmosphere.

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