After a day of huddling around the fire at Rifugio San Sebastaino due snow and rain, we awoke to a marvelously clear day.  The mountains surrounding the rifugio were breathtaking.  Our helpful host reconfigured our route to La Muda so that we could stay in the high country and still get back on our schedule.

It was very chilly in the early morning.  All of the foliage was covered with frost which was quite beautiful.  As we climbed the views became more and more stunning. Eventually we came to a meadow with an emergency shelter at Malga Moschesin.

20170913_213347After a quick snack we soon left the trail we would have taken the day before and followed our new route.  It became obvious that this trail was rarely used.  We had to hunt for it on several occasions, but it turned out to be a very interesting trail.  We were walking along the WWI Italian Austrian front once again.  The climb ended on a cliff edge which we followed for some time.20170913_213840

Along the trail were several deep tunnels dug into the rock face of the mountain that were storage areas for munitions during the war.


For the next several miles we walked an old WWI road (now just an overgrown trail) down the side of the mountain. I could only imagine how this tranquil alpine scene would have been one hundred years ago with men, horses, wagons and equipment moving up and down this road.


The last miles of the day’s trek were spent working our way through tall foliage.


We arrived in La Muda just in time to see our bus pull away from the bus stop.  The possibility of a kind motorist giving us a lift into town did not happen so we had to wait  an hour for the next bus.  The bus deposited us in the middle of Belluno where we made our way to the B&B.









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