At breakfast we rather enjoyed watching the local princess’s party guests come stumbling in from a long night of revelry.  The once beautifully turned out, immaculately dressed twenty somethings were a mess, rumpled and frowzled.  However, their spiffy Ferraris, Bugattis and Porsches were all neatly lined up in the parking lot.

We made the decision to skip walking the flat bit at the end of the Traumpfad.  Instead, we took the train from Susagana to Venice.  The train was packed so we stood up between the cars with about eight others for the hour long trip to Venice.

How exciting to walk out of the train station and voila, there was the canal right before us.  We had to take care of some serious business immediately!  The ritual of throwing a stone that we had each carried over the Alps was about to take place!!!


The trek was now officially over and the celebration could begin.  We spent three days exploring Venice and it’s neighboring islands.  Unfortunately, we brought the bad weather with us, so most of the time we endured the rain.  The Traumpfad was a wonderful adventure which will long be remembered by each of us.



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