Our Alpine Pass Route adventure across Switzerland was about to begin.  My friend, Lynda Sorrick and I will do the trek and my mom, June Funk, will visit Zurich with us and then visit friends in Germany while we hike.  We arrived August 26 and spent  two days trying to put the jet lag behind us before we started on our journey.

We had a lovely day walking through the old part of the city.  As it happened, we were there the one day a year that lucky swimmers are allowed to swim the Limmat River which bisects the city.  I say lucky because in order to swim they had to be picked in a lottery.  The 4500 tickets for the Limmatschwimmer event were sold out in 10 minutes. We watched as hundreds of people floated by us.


After the two days in Zurich, our adventure began as we boarded a train for the trip to Vaduz.


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