Our last hiking day!


We thoroughly enjoyed the Ai Pini B&B and the sweet family that ran it.  As we left town we stopped in at a small grocery store to get snacks for lunch.  We quickly became the people of interest when the local ladies in the store found out what we were doing.  They were very excited and supportive of our adventure.

We walked through beautiful wine country for about an hour before it began to rain heavily.  We came across a friendly, very wet donkey and a flock of geese who walked along with us.


20170916_172807.jpgWe were soaked and managed to escape the rain by ducking into a small bar along the road.  It was filled with men who obviously were a bit puzzled by these three drenched women with backpacks ordering tea!

Eventually the rain gave way to sunshine!


As we approached Susagana we could look back and see Col Visentin, a sight that we discovered we could even see in Venice!  A very prominent building in the area was the Castello di S. Salvatore.

20170916_174018We found out that the princess that lived in the castle was giving a big party that evening and many of the guests were staying in our hotel, Hotel Astoria. The hotel was quite nice with a creative chef in the restaurant.  We had a very delicious Venezuelan dinner.


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