After  a lovely summer of wildflowers,  snow and great trails, the day of departure is here. I write this as I sit at SFO waiting on the plane that will take me to my great adventure, hiking the Traumpfad. My friends have already departed about 30 minutes ago so we will meet up in Munich tomorrow morning. Much is going through my head as I sit here…have I trained enough, is this trek too ambious, is my backpack too heavy, have I forgotten anything….but I go through all of this with each trip and know it is just the excitement of what is to come. I will instead focus on the fun people I will meet, the fabulous countryside and mountains that will be explored and the wonderful experience of the culture of other countries.

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    I just read the great story about you in the Lamorinda Weekly. I was wondering if you would consider a newcomer to your group. I live in Walnut Creek and hike regularly at the reservoir, too. Although I have never backpacked, I am a strong hiker and have been hiking yearly in the Eastern Sierras since the 1990s. Even if I can’t join your group, perhaps we could train together at the reservoir.
    Joy Sarver

    1. Hey, Joy! Glad we finally met up. I have been trying to get our trip from last summer on this blog so hope you will enjoy that! We are hiking on Tuesday if you wish to join us.

      1. Hi Kathy,
        Thank you for thinking of me. Sorry that I can’t join you this Tuesday, hopefully I can join you next time.
        I know 2 fellow female hikers who are interested in hiking with you, too. Both can’t hike for a while now, but would love to meet and hike with you soon. Is that okay with you?

      2. Hi Kathy,
        Those two ladies may reach out to you directly. There names are Pam Bugbee and Annette Baron. Thanks.

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