Day 10 – Hallstatt to Bad GoisernHaving visited Austria years ago, I had longed to revisit this beautiful country.  What better way to do that than on foot!  Fortunately, I had saved several brochures that I collected about the Dachstein region of central Austria quite near to Salzberg.  Searching for a trek that our hiking group would enjoy, I reread these pamphlets and the Dachsteinrundwanderweg popped up several times, although all of the detailed trail descriptions were in German.  My high school German helped a little and the area appeared to have much to offer, so we decided to focus on the Dachsteinrundwanderweg for this next hike.

The Dachstein Alps are a magnificent combination of giant, craggy, limestone peaks, wildflower-filled meadows, high, rocky plateaus, glaciers, forests, deep blue lakes and ancient smuggling routes.  Our path would take us on a circular, counterclockwise tour of the Dachstein.   The total mileage would be the shortest of all of our treks at 90 miles, but the landscape and the incredible trail itself more than made up for the shorter trail.

Arrival in Gosau

Day 1 – Gosausee to Hofpurlghütte

Day 2 – Hofpürglhütte to Südwandhütte

Day 3 – Südwandhütte to Guttenberghaus

Day 4 – Guttenberghaus to Steinerhaus

Day 5 – Steinerhaus to Steinitzenalm

Day 6 – Steinitzenalm to Staund’uwirt

Day 7 – Bad Aussee to Hallstatt

Day 8 – Rest Day – Hallstatt

Day 9 – Bike Ride (Hallstatt to Bad Ischl)

Day 10 – Hallstatt to Bad Goisern

Day 11 – Bad Goisern to Gosau



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