Statistics: 10 miles  ascent 5535′  descent 3074′   7 hours

We set off from last night’s B&B to catch the bus to Gosausee, where the trail began.  Our spirits were high and we were ready to seize the day!

start the trek.JPG

Knowing how important it is to stay hydrated, we obeyed the sign!

trink wasser

Gosausee perfectly set the stage for the beauty that we would experience on the Dachsteinrundwanderweg!

The trail immediately began with a steep, 1 1/2 hour climb to Gabonzler Hütte.

up the mountain
After the Gabonzler Hütte we continued to ascend to a saddle, Oberer Törlecksattel , revealing a spectacular panorama!

view from top of climb

Gratefully the weather continued to clear so that we could  take in the vistas before us as we traversed the shoulder of the Grosser Donnerkogel.

traversing the KleinerDonnerkogel

The Stuhlalm was a welcome sight; it was our planned lunch site.  A cold drink and hot soup was just what we needed!


As we entered the Stuhlloch we joked amongst ourselves that we were certainly glad that we would not have to climb the acutely steep switchbacks visible tracking up a green patch on the far side of this canyon.  As if waiting for our sense of security to settle in, the trail then turned down into the ravine and, guess what…, right up to the switchbacks!


They were just as steep as they looked, but were fun to climb.

climbing thru the Stuhlloch

At last our refuge for the evening, Hofpürglhütte, came into view to mark the end of a terrific day!  We had a simple, but tasty dinner in this large, well run hut, then stayed in a dorm with 18 people.





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  1. A great start to an amazing first day but I don’t remember climbing those switchbacks as “fun”! More like nerve racking!

    1. At least we weren’t crying like the poor woman that we passed! How about “adventure” rather than “fun”?

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