After we spent several days in Salzberg enjoying some sightseeing and recovering from  jetlag, we were ready to get into the serious business of our Austrian trek.  A taxi took us to the lovely village of Gosau and our B&B, Gästehaus Alpenblick.  Our hostess, Sonja, spoke no English, but we were able to communicate with our broken German and lots of smiling and gesturing!

Haus Alpenblick sign
The B&B’s name,  “Alpenblick”, translates to alpine or mountain view.  I think it was aptly named!

Haus Alpenblick Gosau
We spent the afternoon investigating the village while stretching our legs on a 5 mile walk around the valley.


One of our favorite things about hiking is that it justifies our desire to occasionally indulge in delicious desserts; this night was no exception.  We walked to  Gästhof Brandwirt for dinner and had Salzberger Nockerl for dessert.  Our waiter, Johannes, joined in the fun by adding a pink, paper pig’s head on a stick for decoration!

Back to the B&B, for tomorrow we begin!!


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