Statistics:  mileage 10.6 miles  4 1/2 hours

The next morning, the rain met us again as we stepped outside to catch a bus to the center of Bad Aussee, where we would rejoin the trail.

Bad Aussee
After a 5 minute bus ride, we walked out of town past a train arriving at the local train station.

leaving Bad Aussee 2
The wide gravel path took us into the woods, alongside the Traun river which was a tranquil sight.

Traun River
This riverside walk took us over two suspension bridges as we continued on a gentle downhill route.

suspension bridge over Traun

Portions of the trail were supported by a steel walkway embedded in the cliff next to the river.

Supported trail by river traun
After a leisurely walk, we arrived in Obertraun to meet the ferry that would take us across the lake to Hallstatt.

Obertraun 2
Hallstätter See is a large, serene lake surrounded by mammoth mountains.  Our excitement grew as the ferry moved down the lake toward Hallstatt, a town we had read about and which we were about to encounter.  Hallstatt did not disappoint as it came into view.  The word picturesque hardly describes the beauty of this little gem of a village nestled at the base of a mountain and built on the water’s edge, clinging to the cliff.

Hallstadt from water
Upon landing, we immediately began exploring Halstatt.
Hallstadt as landing
As we walked through this well-preserved, traditional town, another “Disney” type of scene was around each turn.

Hallstadt 2

Our next lovely surprise was our B&B, Bräugasthof Lobisser,  situated on the waterfront with perfect views of the lake.  The 500-year-old building was tastefully adorned with antiques, hand painted chests and four-poster beds, and maintained a traditional ambiance.

Braugasthof Hallstadt
We could enjoy the village and Hallstätter See from our room’s balcony.

room view Hallstadt
June and Trudi joined us in Hallstatt as we had planned a 3-day rest stop to, well, rest, and have a chance to check out the sights in the area.  We began with a delicious dinner at the gasthof and were entertained by our Hungarian waiter, TB!
dinner Braugasthof








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