Preliminary day hikes are a fundamental requirement in pre-hike training.  After a few, initial day hikes, build your expected backpack and wear it for the remainder of the practice hikes. Benefits are: Becoming familiar with and used to that extra weight, gathering the items necessary early, considering the pack’s contents after carrying them during the practice hikes (a chance to make a few changes before the final trek).  Also, if possible, include others who will be participating in the actual hike.  Benefits are: Spending time with the other hikers before the actual hike, developing friendships, learning who can be depended on for what, building general communications and frequently discussing/anticipating the proposed hike. The following hikes were part of my summer training and preparation in Northern California for my August-September trek through Ireland in 2018, although I have often walked many of these trails during other years.

Lafayette Reservoir – (Reservoir Rim Trail, Lafayette, CA)

Gateway to Canyon – (near Moraga, CA)

4th of July Lake – (near Silver Lake, CA)

Thunder Mountain Trail – (near Silver Lake, CA)

Cole Creek Lake – (near Silver Lake, CA)

Carson Pass to Schneider Cow Camp – (near Silver Lake, CA)

Relief Reservoir – (from Kennedy Meadows, near Sonora Pass, CA)

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