After hiking through the Alps in Europe, I decided to check out the North American version of those Alps in a northern portion of the massive Rocky Mountains.  Three of us (in California) jumped into my car and headed to the state of Montana.  Waterton and Glacier National Parks are really one park that is divided by an international border.  Waterton is in Alberta, Canada, and touches the Canada/US border; Glacier is immediately south of the international border, in the US state of Montana.  We stayed within the parks in the towns of Waterton Park, Many Glacier and Apgar (near West Glacier) and enjoyed several day-hikes from each.  These national parks did not disappoint and the scenery was spectacular!

Day 1 – Carthew-Alderson Trail

Day 2 – Bertha Lake

Day 3 – Red Rock Canyon, Blakiston Falls and Bullhead Lake

Day 4 – Ptarmigan Tunnel and Iceberg Lake

Day 5 – Upper Grinnell Lake

Day 6 – Highline Loop Trail

Day 7 – Hidden Lake and Avalanche Lake

Day 8 – Huckleberry Mountain Lookout


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  1. This is on my list for sure! I’ve visited Glacier but did not spend as much time there as I would have liked, and never visited Waterton I think the idea of going to both in the same trip is especially cool. Thanks for the inspiration

    1. You’re welcome! Both parks are amazing. I’m ready to return! I’m sorry that we didn’t get to stay at the Sperry Chalet before it burned last summer, however.

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