Mileage:  Hidden Lake 6 miles     Avalanche Lake 6.2 miles

Leaving Lake McDonald Lodge to drive 21 miles back up the mountain, we returned to Logan Pass for our first of two hikes this day.  What we did not know was that this would be our last sunny day. By morning the next day, the pass would be closed due to snow!

As we prepared for our hike to Hidden Lake we (again) struck the hiking pose that the sign seemed to require!  The trail would skirt around to the left of Clements Mountain, before us.

Hidden Lake Trailhead

The mountain goats had managed to avoid us previously, but not so today.  When we reached Logan Pass two goats were resting on a rock, as if waiting for us.

A small climb which was enough to warm us on a chilly morning carried us to the Hidden Lake Overlook.  We kept thinking that the views could not get much better than this!

Hidden Lake view

The trail had been relatively crowded up to the overlook, but most tourists/hikers did not walk beyond it.   We had the trail to ourselves as we continued on to the best parts of this hike.

Hidden Lake with pink flowers
Starting the descent, we had the feeling that we were being observed, and to our amazement, another goat appeared!

goat overlook
The aptly named Bear Hat Mountain dominated the skyline as it loomed over the lake.

Bear Hat
As we approached the lake the meadows near the trail were covered in bear grass which has tall, white, pompon flowers.

bear grass
The lake was just as lovely at lake level, the perfect place to have a morning snack and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

hidden lake at lake level
On the return trip, the Big Horn Sheep were out enjoying the sun.

Big Horn sheep 2

As well as the goats!

goat and lake
Another hiker was kind enough to snap a final photo of us as we left Hidden Lake and headed back down the trail to Logan Pass.

Hidden Lake and Sarah, Lynda, Kathy
Descending, there was a marvelous view of Reynolds Mountain.

Reynolds Mtn.

As we were enjoying the wildflowers and vistas, we failed to notice the distant clouds creeping up the valley!  These clouds carried quite a punch and would deliver enough snow to close the Going to the Sun Road the following day.

wild flowers at Logan Pass
Before getting back in the car to drive to our next hike, we decided to have our lunch.  We were joined by a very friendly squirrel who had perfected the fine art of begging!

Driving 16 miles back towards Lake McDonald, we arrived at the Avalanche Lake Trailhead, where Avalanche Creek was quite a sight as it tumbled down the mountain.

Avalanche Creek
The colors of the stones in the creek added to the picturesque sight as we hiked on to the lake.

Avalance Creek 2

Once at Avalanche Lake, we were treated to a stunning panorama of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls.

Avalanche Lake
Returning to our motel at the end of the day, we took the time to explore Lake McDonald Lodge, another historic hotel built in 1913 as an attractive destination for newly mobile automobile owners and train passengers, who could use their new transportation for a vacation in the park.
Lake McDonald Lodge

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