Statistics:  13 miles,  ascent 1570′,  6 hours

After breakfast, Alan (last night’s B&B host) drove us back to Brompton Crossroads to resume our trek.  The first eight miles were relatively flat so we made good time, with the dyke our constant companion all morning.

dyke2015-09-09 00.06.19

Sarah in hay fields…


and corn fields.

corn2015-09-08 23.19.18
As we walked through a farmyard, I found a very sweet donkey friend who I believe would have liked to join us!

donkey2015-09-09 08.00.17
By early afternoon we entered Leighton Woods which had an abundant supply of game birds and amazing trees. (Note: Leighton Woods’ impressive “Old Grove” of California Coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) was initially planted in 1857 and is now protected by the Royal Forestry Society.)

woods2015-09-09 05.50.05
The Path lead us to Beacon Hill which was the site of a large hill-fort initially established during the British Iron age, remaining active from 700BC to 60 AD, seventeen years into the Roman occupation of Britain.

hillfort2015-09-09 03.40.00

The Romans also took advantage of this spot, as the hill provided a 360 degree view of the area, including the River Severn in Welshpool.  (Note:  The River Severn would have been a primary entry point for Welsh invaders into Roman England.)   The remainder of the day’s walk was a descent to Buttington Bridge on the River Severn, where our B&B host picked us up.

buttingtonbridge2015-09-09 05.11.13

This evening’s B&B, a 19th century farmhouse named Tynllwyn Farm, was another treat.  David and Jane Emberton were our gracious hosts; they had a lovely home with beautifully appointed rooms loaded with antiques and charm. Their garden was awesome also!

house2015-09-09 07.43.43
The view from their garden looked across the River Severn valley to Beacon Hill,  around which we had hiked earlier this afternoon.

view2015-09-09 07.44.28
Jane prepared a sumptuous evening meal for all of her guests.  Unexpectedly, our Florence Hotel (Day 2 B&B) acquaintance, Harry, showed up for dinner, also!

dinner2015-09-09 07.51.33

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