11.25 miles   4100′ ascent   1968′ descent   Jochpass (pass #5)

Leaving Engelberg we decided to take another path out of the valley and then cut across to the Via Alpina.  There were too many fences  and boggy pastures to make our connection so we again took another trail.  The marmots were quite busy this morning and very willing to show themselves.  This was most entertaining as we toiled up the mountain.

Soon we arrived at Trübsee.  This lake was in a bowl with numerous ski lifts branching out in all directions.  We had a cold drink and a rest on the shores of Trübsee at an alpine hut.20160907_114403

As we sat relaxing, enjoying our surroundings, we could see hikers ascending the trail we were to be climbing shortly. Their heads bobbed in and out of sight until we could see them no longer.  Ok, it was our turn to do the same, and off we went.
20160907_173829Jochpass came into view in about an hour.  The pass was crowded with people who had ridden the lift up the mountain. It was a little disappointing compared to the previous passes, but the views to come quickly made up for that.

20160907_132303The descent began with a chairlift following alongside the trail. Soon the Engstlensee appeared in the distance with the Wendenstöcke glaciers on the ridge above. If you look carefully you will see the Tannensee in the upper right corner.  This lake is on our path tomorrow morning

20160907_173654As we neared the lake we were teased with what we were to experience for the next few days…The Wetterhorn Range just coming into view!

Our hotel was situated near the shores of this lake.  It is a lovely old, Victorian style hotel. All the guests gathered on the big front deck for dinner to enjoy a glass of wine and a lovely alpine evening.  Somewhere in the distance someone was playing an alpine horn!  It doesn’t get much better than this.

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