11.7 miles

With a forecast of another very warm day, we left Danby Wiske early – I really don’t like hiking in hot weather. Much of the day would be spent walking along quiet, but paved roads.

Lots of road walking today

This was our second day of walking across the Vale of Mowbray which sits between Swaledale and the Cleveland Hills and is reputed to be the least interesting part of the Coast to Coast Path. However, I found hiking the wide-open countryside, the animals and farms to be a relaxing experience. We did have a view of the Cleveland Hills, hills that we would tackle the following day.

Cleveland Hills in the distance

Occasionally, a farmer put an “honesty box” along the trail containing food and cold drinks. The assumption is that payment will be deposited for anything removed.

Honesty Box

Some farmers were looking for a little entertainment by watching hikers’ reactions to realistic, plastic rats that had been attached to a stile on the trail – we could not avoid it. We had a good laugh!

Plastic rats

As the heat of the day mounted, a flock of sheep took cover under a tree.

Sheep in the shade on a hot day

We took a 1-mile side trip to visit Mount Grace Priory, founded in 1398 and purpose-built for a Carthusian Order of monks, each living a solitary, vegetarian “quiet life” in one of twenty-five cells with private gardens. Having been purchased immediately after the Order left this facility in 1539, the priory was saved. The adjoining 17th-century manor house was purchased along with the priory in 1899, and the new owner began further restoration of the priory.

Mount Grace Priory

The manor house was stunning with the abundance of flowers in its gardens.

Manor House at Mount Grace Priory

A very handsome rooster sauntered out to greet us.

Priory rooster

Upon returning to the C2C path, we shortly left it again to head for Osmotherley and the Queen Catherine B&B.


Our British friends, Jean, Peter, and Graham met up with us here and would continue with us on the walk tomorrow. A delicious dinner was enjoyed by all at the Golden Lion.

Reunion with British friends at the Queen Catherine B&B

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