8 miles   2890′ ascent    45′ descent

An early start and quick good bye to our exhausted inn keepers meant we escaped the wild school kids at our hostel.

Meiringen and it’s Reichenbach River are quite famous among Sherlock Holmes fans.

20160909_155029Just up the river at Reichenbach Falls is where Holmes “vanquished” Professor Moriority!
20160909_154954The trail wound up past the falls and into lush, deep, dark woods.  We finally emerged from the forest in a beautiful alpine valley. The Wetternhorn Gruppe was now directly  above us!


As we were always on the look out for a delicious snack, when we saw the historic Rosenlaui Hotel we seized the opportunity to enjoy a coffee and a kuchen!


Our trail sign indicated that we did not have far to go to reach Schwartzwaldalp.

20160909_154504Our B&B was a delightful, little hotel in a small valley.  This would be one of our favorite B&Bs of the whole trek.


The calming jingle of cowbells could be heard as we approached our residence for the night.  After checking in we explored the old saw mill and cheese shop on the property. A very friendly cat followed us, and was in the need of a little hugging!  Lynda and I sat on the patio and played Yahtzee while gazing at our majestic surroundings.

The couple that we had met yesterday came by for a coffee that evening.  They joined us for a good chat as we watched the evening come to the Wetternhorns.


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