Our beautiful weather disappeared today.  We emerged from our B&B in a cloud that lasted all day.  Then, walking into Kandersteg, we passed a picturesque chapel.

The town was very quiet now that the tourist season was over.

Margaret, our B&B host, suggested that we take a 20 minute bus ride to Blausee.  A sight that I hoped to see on this trip was the  annual, ceremonial procession of the cattle as they are moved from the upper alpine pastures to their lower, winter pasture.  The farmers laboriously decorate the cows for this event.  We had heard of this cattle ceremony, but until today this occurence had eluded us.   Finally, as we were getting off the bus at Blausee, a herd of cattle outfitted in their finery, went by us.

The cattle wear huge, brass bells that have been in the farmer’s family for generations.

After that delightful experience we turned our attention to exploring Blausee.   Entering the park, we followed the path to the lake.  Blausee is a lovely, small, forest lake,  aqua in color. The landscape was that of a rainforest, damp, mossy, many ferns, lush.


Back at our B&B, we played Yahtzee, chatted with Margaret and had the place to ourselves.



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