16.3 miles    4409′ ascent   4137′ descent   Pass #1 Foopass

We got an early start this morning (7:40) as this would be a long day.  The path took us up the valley on a wooded trail alongside the River Seez.  This nice, easy, forested route soon ended and we were at the foot of a mountain. A very steep, slate path wound up the alp.  It was quickly becoming quite humid as the sun came into full view.  Occasionally, a small waterfall would tumble down onto our trail.  It was quite refreshing to let the water runover our heads.


After about an hour of walking on the loose shale and slate, we reached rough, open pasture land.


Our first pass was before us, Foopass!  We were in a high cirque and had to scramble up steep steps cut into the side of the hill to reach the pass.  Our reward for the climb was well worth the effort! The view of the snow capped Alps in the distance was magnificent!


There was quite a little gathering on the pass.  Phillip and Limone (from the Schaan Hostel in Vaduz), Robert from Cardiff, and our American friends from Virginia, Robert, Susan, Ken and Peter.


The descent seemed endless.  At the top it was a little slippy with numerous zig zags to aid in the steep decline.  Finally we were on a gravel road where there was an  occasional cutoff through the forest to shorten the route.  Now the charming village of Elm came into view.


Guess what?  Elm was closed!  Once again, there was the note at our hotel (Hotel Sönne) to let ourselves in with the hidden key.  This honesty system was really very refreshing!  After we cleaned up we walked to the only hotel in town that was open.  There were all of our buddies from Foopass!  We had a very pleasant evening together and agreed to meet in the morning.

Well, now I feel fool!  As I unpacked my pack, guess what I carried all the way up and down the mountains today….that big ol’ heavy key from our B&B last night!  First thing in the morning we will have to find the post office!

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