Today’s statistics: 15 miles, ascent 2185′ , descent 1712′.

Our Airbnb was disappointing and no breakfast was provided. We pieced together a snack from our pack stash and were on our way at 7:30. Immediately the path took us back up onto the downs where we had a great vantage point to see over the valley below.

path above Merstham

For the remainder of the day we rolled up one hill and down another. Passing by a fence, we were noticed by two horses who raced over to see us.

What looked like an ancient castle or tower appeared as we reached War Coppice Road. This tower turned out to be another “folly”, a rather recent building made to appear old. Whitehill Tower was constructed in 1862 by Jeremiah Long of Tower Farm.

Whitehill Tower

Approaching the Oxted Railway, we scrambled down a myriad of steps that were directly above the Oxted Railway tunnel. We passed by hikers who were walking toward us, up the hill, and gasping! We were grateful for our west to east route!

The spring foliage was in abundance as we continued.

Spring flowers

We detoured from the North Downs Way to find lunch. Fellow walkers had mentioned that the Titsey Place teashop was worth the extra mileage as visitors were rewarded with delicious goodies. Upon arrival, we also discovered that the teashop was near beautiful gardens and a 16th-century manor house which were open to the public. This was clearly a great place to relax for a few hours, but we were unable to spend more time there. After finishing our refreshments and then an uphill walk, we returned to the Way which, at this point, crossed the Surrey Hills AONB (Area of Natural Beauty). Distinctive sculptures have been placed in various locations around the AONB’s boundary, including this one created by Walter Bailey.

Walter Bailey sculpture marking the border between Surrey and Kent

We were nearing Westerham and its lovely pastoral views.

Holmesdale Valley

In order to find accomodations for the night, we again had to leave the NDW, following a trail that was not well traveled and overgrown. Depending heavily on my GPS, we walked through farm pastures, trusting we were not trespassing.

Two new friends followed us across their pasture.

friendly horses

We navigated through hedgerows beyond the pastures, finally popping out on Westerham Hill Road (our planned destination).


Our delightful host, Miranda, met us at her driveway to welcome us to her home, Little Buckhorst B&B.

Little Buckhurst B&B

Her immaculate, well-appointed rooms were very comfortable. She recommended that we walk just up the road for dinner, to Aperfield Inn which we found full of atmosphere and tasty food.

Aperfield Inn

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  1. You forgot to mention my near breakdown to get to tea, the fact that I had TWO!!! goodies(but not three, thank heavens), and that I MADE you climb the hill after we ate a lot and you almost barfed!

    1. Really, don’t remember that! I do remember that it was a long way out of the way, but great food!

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