12 miles

Leslie made the decision to rest today and not hike, so my British friend Peter was my new hiking partner for the day. My mom, Jean and Leslie would go sightseeing in the area and meet us in the afternoon.

Peter joined me for the day

We were dropped off at the intersection of B1257 and the C2C to continue the walk. The trail was an immediate uphill to reach Hasty Bank where the views of the valley below were wide ranging even in the mist.

Hasty Bank

On the west side of Hasty Bank there is a large formation of giant boulders called the Wain Stones, including Bronze Age carvings which are located on some of the limestone rocks. On a warm day this would be a good place for a picnic and some rock climbing.

The top of the Wain Stones
Looking back to the Wain Stones

Continuing on to Cringle Moor in the heart of the Cleveland Hills, the wide views were magnificent. At a prime viewing spot, friends of one Alec Falconer (1884-1968) have built a large memorial chair. It is the a perfect location to rest and enjoy the scenery.

Looking to location of the Alec Falconer Chair
Alec Falconer Chair

Descending from Cringle Moor and just before climbing up to Carlton Moor, we happened on Lord Stones Café. This café caters to walkers, bikers, cyclists, campers, and anyone out for a day’s drive in the countryside. We had lunch there before the next of the series of climbs that we were doing this day.

Lord Stones Café

To reach Carlton Moor involved another steep ascent.

A view back down the trail as we climbed up to Carlton Moor

After crossing Carlton Moor and Live Moor, we were in a forest with occasional views of the open countryside. While walking in the forest, Peter taught me about nettles and dock, which are common plants frequently found near each other. Dock helps with nettles: nettles brushing up against your bare skin will cause an uncomfortable, burning sensation. The dock plant contains a moist sap which soothes when rubbed against the irritated skin, similar to the effects of the aloe plant. I have used this bit of knowledge successfully many times when mistakenly getting into a patch of nettles.

Views to Teeside

Finally, we found ourselves walking through the heavily forested Arncliff Wood shortly before reaching Ingleby Cross and my B&B for the evening, Ingleside B&B.

Arncliffe Woods

The rest of our group joined Peter and me as we all gathered for a great dinner at the Golden Lion‘s restaurant in Osmotherley. During this delicious meal, Leslie notified us that her feet were not recovering as hoped and, sadly, she could not continue the hike. Not an easy decision, but a necessary one. Now, I had to decide whether I would go on alone or stop as well. By the time we finished dinner Leslie had agreed that she would ride with Peter, Jean and with my mom to Peter and Jean’s home in Lancashire and I would forge on by myself. As they left me at the B&B, I had never felt so alone. Leslie and I said good-bye with both of us in tears.

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