8.8 miles   1457′ ascent

We rode the funicular to Braunwald again and rewalked what we did yesterday until the cut off to Urnerboden. At this point it was very humid, but the forest was lush and beautiful as we pushed ourselves uphill for quite some time.


Finally we broke out of the woods high above the Urnerboden Valley for a birds eye view! Pass #3, Klausenpass, is now visible above Urnerboden.20160903_105751

A lovely stream rushed through the valley as we walked along it’s length.


Urnerboden is a very small village toward the end of the valley with Klausenpass peeking out above us.


When we arrived Phillip and Limone were having lunch at our B&B. They asked us to join them, and we all enjoyed ice cream sundaes as a reward for the day’s exertion.  One of the benefits to hiking later in the season was that we had a five person dorm room all to ourselves.  That night there was a big party with a lot of fun alpine music and dancing!

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