Unplanned Rest Day

It rained all night with no sign of stopping in the morning.  Reluctantly, we took the bus to Lucerne and the train to Engelberg.  The trip took about two hours with the last part in a train tunnel.
20160905_104358Our hostel in Engelberg was closed until 5PM so we just enjoyed the town and explored.  At lunch we were pleasantly surprised to see Charles and Susan, the hikers from Virginia.  We ate together while they filled us in on the local sites.  We dropped our packs in their hotel room before beginning more exploration.

A focal point of Engelberg is the 12th century kloster, Engelberg Abbey.  We watched them make cheese, peeked into the abbey and enjoyed their gardens.



We bought groceries for dinner to prepare at our hostel.  There were only four of us so all was quiet.  Lynda brought five dice to play Yahtzee which provided entertainment on many an evening including this one.

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