Statistics: 4 miles roundtrip, ascent 2000 feet.

Although short in miles, this hike is long on stunning scenery including marvelous views, mountain goats, colorful wildflowers and steep terrain.

The trailhead for the Sacagawea Peak hike was 28 miles up Bridger Canyon, a pleasant drive. My daughter-in-law, Amy, joined us on this adventure. Once on the trail, we soon had a great view of pristine Fairy Lake.

Fairy Lake

Taking a quick breather, we took in the the terrain before us.

Our work was cut out

As we climbed toward a large cirque at the base of the mountain, spectacular mountain peak views became visible.

The trail up the cirque used a series of long switchbacks to reach its top.

Switchbacks up the cirque

Pausing to take in the view of the Crazy Mountains behind us was well worth it. Yes, that is the official name.

The Crazy Mountains

Having the dogs along is always a joy. You might note there are three border collies in this picture. Amy added their pooch, Trouble, to the mix.

Bandit, Trouble and Panda

At the crest of the cirque, the trail to Sacagewea Peak turns off to the east (the left in this picture) and the trail to Hardscrabble Peak turns off to the west or the right.

Hardscrabble Peak

While ascending over very rocky terrain, we noticed that we were being watched by a pair of mountain goats.

Mountain goats

The view to the north, over the Shields Valley was amazing.

Looking north from Sacagewea Peak

The three hikers and three dogs recorded reaching the summit of this peak. Behind us is the Gallatin Valley.

Top of Sacagawea Peak

Continuing toward Sacagawea Peak, we were surprised by a mother mountain goat and her baby standing just a few feet away. Definitely a highlight of the hike. She was not bothered by our presence, but we left to give her some space.

Mama and baby mountain goats

As we began to descend, we had a clear view of the Gallatin Valley to the south.

Gallatin Valley below
On the return trip below the timberline

Walking down to Fairy Lake, the dogs were quick to take a swim.

Fairy Lake

The trailhead was not far and we quickly returned to it, completing this day’s hike.

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