Statistics: mileage 8 1/2 miles  ascent 1400′

Once again we were hiking in the smoke from all the fires in the area, but had a great hike anyway.  My hiking friends on this hike were Lynda Sorrick and her granddaughter Sophia, as well as Deborah Kulisch and Alexa Lay.  Prior to the hike we shuttled a car to the end of the trail at the north end of Silver Lake, then returned to the Thunder Mountain Trailhead about two miles north of Silver Lake.  The trail starts uphill immediately and finally eases a bit as the trail breaks out of the trees below (and toward) the crest of Thunder Mountain.

The ascent continues and the views just get better and better even with the smoke.


This is a dog friendly trail, but it requires that water is packed in for any dogs as there is no water until the downhill portion of the trail, towards the end of the hike.


Near the top of Thunder Mountain is a pretty bowl often filled with high mountain wildflowers.

Unfortunately, swarming, flying red ants at the mountain’s top forced us to grab a few quick pictures and leave quickly.  (Our house/cabin guest from Mexico City, Alexa.)


Onward toward Horse Canyon Trail, where we found another lush area of wildflowers.


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