Statistics:  day’s hike: 12.2 miles  ascent: 2265′  descent: 5426′  Pass #8: Sefinenfurke

Mürren is a tram stop on the way up to the Schilthorn so, first thing, we rode all the way to the top to have a look see.  The view at the top was not a disappointment!


We returned to the previous tram station (at Birg) and began the day’s journey.  Since we  had started so high, we had quite a lot of descending to do to rejoin the trail.  Shortly after finding the path we reached Rotstock Hütte where, you guessed it, we shared a kuchen!


We met a group of hikers here that we would hike with for several days.  Now the toil began on a landscape of rocks and open pasture.  Working our way up toward the pass, we looked over our shoulders – the majestic mountain scene was jaw-dropping!


As we gained elevation the pasture turned to shale.  Looking down behind us we could see the group we left earlier at the Rotstock Hütte.


Finally, pass #8, Sefinenfurke, was conquered!  We sat down, ate our lunch and  entertained ourselves by watching other hikers labor up the mountain.


The descent from the pass was steep with a multitude of steps and fixed cable.


Once below the shale, the open pasture was a welcome sight even though we still had a long drop in elevation ahead of us.


Our B&B was another welcome sight.  Although it was a little rugged (I think we stayed in what was once an old cow stall), the food and the other guests were delightful!


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