We met a French couple at breakfast who offered to give us a ride to Gstaad.  On the way she mentioned that her brother was a well known mountain guide in Chamonix.  When we came near the center of Gstaad, they dropped us off and we began to explore the village, which is a beautiful, perfectly appointed, alpine town.


The craftmanship on some of the buildings is splendid!


After walking around Gstaad, we took a short train ride to Schönried where the tourist information people recommended a ride in a gondola to the top of the mountain.   We took this gondola to Rellerli, had a lovely lunch and enjoyed stunning views of the valleys below.  After returning to Gstaad via gondola and train, we rode the local bus back to our B&B.


The farmer encouraged us to walk around the farm and we found a most engaging little buddy to talk to…


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