Statistics: 18.3 miles  ascent 4125′  descent 3087′  Pass #14 Col de Voré, Pass #15 Col des Anderets

Daniela, our host at last night’s refuge, suggested that we take the trail to Arnensee directly from their farm as the trail via Blattipass was too muddy.  Her suggestion proved to be a good one as this trail was in great shape, and we rose high above Arnensee as we followed it.   Looking down we could see the beautiful lake shimmering in the much appreciated sunlight.


The trail continued past several farm buildings, eventually coming to a lovely open pasture bowl with spectacular views of the Les Diablerets and then continued toward Col de Voré.


Once at Col de Voré we took a little time to enjoy the mountain views, which would soon be obscured by the returning clouds.

30 minutes later we arrived at Col des Anderets, pass #15, where the clouds again parted briefly.


Several things changed as we descended from this pass.  We returned to clouds, the temperature dropped and the language of the people we encountered switched from German to French.  When we stopped at Isenau to warm up with some hot chocolate,  I was  forced to dredge up my high school French (which was not pretty).

After this break we were fortunate to see two red foxes playing on the hillside, but they were most uncooperative and didn’t give me time to take a few pictures of them.

For the remainder of the afternoon we descended until we reached Col des Mosses and our hotel, which was very pleasant and comfortable.  We were the only guests other than a group of Swiss soldiers, who were on some sort of maneuvers.

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